Adopt a Caisson Horse

The Caisson Horses of The Old Guard participate in all Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps Full Honors Funerals performed in Arlington National Cemetery. These magnificent animals serve with the men of the Caisson Platoon daily to ensure final honors are given in a dignified, professional, and respectful manner; and they love their job. Each Caisson Horse offered for adoption has served on average for over a decade. During the course of their service they participate in thousands of funerals for our nations heroes. Because of the long and distinguished service of each and every horse in our stables, The Old Guard has introduced the Caisson Horse Adoption Program to ensure each horse is rewarded with a great home following its well earned retirement.

The primary goal of the Caisson Horse Adoption Program is to select a home for a retiring Caisson Horse. The program publishes Horses ready for retirement to a Website, identifies potential adopters, and selects the best candidate from a pool of applicants seeking to adopt a retired Caisson Horse. The specifics of the Caisson Horse Adoption Program is governed by The Old Guard Regimental Policy Letter #13 – Horse Adoption.

Adoption Process:

1. Horses identified by Caisson for adoption and evaluated by the Fort Myer veterinarian to assess any medical requirements potential adopters may need to be aware of when considering whether to adopt a Caisson Horse. The Fort Myer veterinarian will write a memorandum which will provide medical details to those interested in adopting the given horse.

2. Horse adoption details published to Website. People interested in adopting a Caisson Horse will have 1 month to submit an application to adopt a horse from the first day information about a retiring horse is published.

3. After the 1 month period, a board will be convened by The Old Guard to match each Horse to an applicant. In some cases, more than one horse may go to a single applicant. In other cases, the board may find that no applicants are appropriate for a given horse

4. Each applicant will be notified of the board’s decision and arrangements will be made to transfer the Horse to its new home.

If you have decided to begin the adoption process:

1. Contact the Caisson Platoon to schedule a visit to see the horses in person. Though it is not required, it is highly encouraged that you come to see the horses prior to submitting an application. Not only will this help you decide which horse may be right for you, but it also gives the Caisson Platoon an opportunity to put a face to the name on the application and may increase your chance of getting exactly the horse you wish to adopt. The following dates are Caisson's Open House events for you to come meet the horses up for adoption. Unless there are extremely extenuating circumstances, these will be the best times you may meet and greet our adoption horses.

2023 dates coming soon!

2. Download the Caisson Horse Adoption Application and fill it out providing as much detail as possible. If you have additional remarks/paperwork you wish to submit with your application, feel free to include those remarks with the submission of your application. Any information submitted to the board will be considered.

Keep in touch with the Caisson Platoon by visiting this Website, emailing, or calling to check the status of your application. Please send completed adoption packets to TOG Horse Adoption POC:

Monique Hovey

Adoption Documents