Join the Continental Color Guard

Minimum Requirements

Open to all Infantry Private through Staff Sergeant
Minimum of 73 inches tall
Able to achieve 70% or higher on the APFT (with a minimum 250 cumulative score)
Minimum of 18 months remaining in The Old Guard
No previous adverse action

Training Cycle Eligibility Requirements

Assignment to the United States Army Continental Color Guard (USACCG) is considered an honor. Soldiers assigned to this elite specialty platoon need to be of the highest moral caliber, with an ability to manage their personal and financial requirements. Additionally, it is vitally important that potential candidates are dependable, capable of flawlessly performing under pressure and carry the personal confidence to engage in conversation with the most notable politicians inside the District of Washington. A candidate's attributes will be determined by the USACCG Platoon Sergeant during the candidate interview, prior to receiving authorization to attend the USACCG training cycle. CCG Home Terms and Conditions Request Support